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My Favorite and Most Expensive Star Wars Items I Would Never Buy

Christmas is coming up and people are starting to think about presents. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorite and most expensive Star Wars items available for sale. There are a couple exceptions I used when compiling my list, only new items, are listed, nothing from an auction site, nothing vintage and nothing that was an actual screen used prop. With these condition, let's start with....

#11 - Honorable mention: 
Fine Molds 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon model kit.

 Cost - ¥13,300 about USD $172.89 or €127.70

Fine Molds has a history of fantastic Star Wars kits. They have a fantastic eye for detail and they produce very intricate and sizable kits. The Falcon has over 900 pieces, including a grill for the main drive engine. Some of the finished kits look indistinguishable from the actual large scale film used model that is as of now, part of the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination traveling exhibit.

With proper colors, weathering and a lot of patience, the finished kit could be the centerpiece of any collection. This is an honorable mention because it is the only one that I can reasonably see myself purchasing.

#10 - Lego Super Star Destroyer

Cost - $399.99

This kit is HUGE! It contains three thousand one hundred and fifty two pieces. Oddly, it only comes with 5 mini figures; Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk and IG-88. By comparison, the Lego Death Star comes with 24 mini figures, 6 of which are exclusive to the set.

The detail on the ship is fantastic, especially the underside aft section. I think it is financially impossible to produce a kit that does justice to the detail on the actual model, but this is a fantastic addition to the Lego line.

#9 - Harrison Ford Certified Authentic Autographed Star Wars Photo.

Cost - $469.99

Harrison Ford doesn't sign a lot of autographs. His aloofness toward Star Wars is well documented. He is one of the only actors that has never attended a Star Wars Celebration. His autograph is truly a collectors dream, especially on the photos that offers.

There are eight different pictures to choose from, seven are Star Wars and one is Indiana Jones, and all are numbered with a Lucasfilm licensed Certificate of Authenticity. This is the only guaranteed way that I can see acquiring a quality Harrison Ford autograph, without meeting him in person.

#8 - Kotobukyia Star Wars ARTFX Bounty Hunter Statue Set

Price - $600.00

Kotobukyia makes some fantastic vinyl statues. This set comes in six different parts, Boba Fett, Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk and IG-88. Each one comes with a base that connects together to form the Imperial logo. Each also comes with a part of Darth Vader to give you a super special bonus seventh figure.

Statues range in size from 7" for Dengar to 11 3/4 for IG-88. I was considering buying them all one at a time when they released them, but, if one sold out before I could order it, it would either be too expensive to purchase on the secondary market, or I would end up with a missing bounty hunter and an incomplete Darth Vader.

#7 - Star Wars Boba Fett Artist Portfolio

Price - $499.99

Description from
The Boba Fett Artist Portfolio consists of 11 images (12 x 17) taken from the original crew gift drawn by Joe Johnston for the Empire Strikes Back and given to select members of the pre-production staff in March of 1978. Limited to just 75 pieces, each portfolio includes a certificate of authenticity (signed by artist Joe Johnston) and is packaged in a holographic textured portfolio with a brushed metal titanium alloy Mandalorian symbol on the cover. Outer portfolio measures 15-inches tall x 18 1/2-inches wide.

I love Boba Fett. From his first appearance in a California parade, followed by the Star Wars Holiday Special and his official appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, I was always intrigued by the character. The design was totally different from anything else in the series and he did what no one else could do - completely and utterly stop the heroes. Having said that, I don't love Boba Fett THAT much. 

#6 - Supreme Edition Boba Fett Costume

Price - $849.99

As I have said before, I love Boba Fett, but not that much. Not only am I too tall for the costume, but you could buy individual pieces and create a more screen accurate costume, with weathering and all the missing chotchkies that this costume doesn't include.

While it is a good Halloween costume, having done work with the 501st, this is merely a costume. The picture below is armor.

Even though it would cost more, I think it would totally be worth it.

#5 - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Imperial T.I.E. Fighter Replica

Price - $999.99

From Entertainment Earth:
With this Star Wars TIE Fighter Replica, one of the Galactic Empire's deadliest ships is yours to own! Scanned from an actual screen-used model used during the making of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, this TIE Fighter FX Model will be a "most impressive" addition to your Star Wars collection! The Star Wars Episode IV Imperial TIE Fighter Replica is a limited edition not to exceed 1,000 pieces that measures 17 3/4-inches tall x 13 3/4-inches wide x 14 1/8-inches long. Constructed of high-quality resin, injection-molded ABS, and machined metal, it features LED lighting effects and includes a numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity.

If I had the money, this would be heavily considered.

#4 - Star Wars: Frames

Price - $3000.00 - Limited run of 1138 pieces. (Sold out)
From Sideshow Collectables:

The ultimate limited edition, Star Wars: Frames brings together master filmmaker George Lucas' personal shot-by-shot selections from all six legendary Star Wars films. Limited to only 500 copies and showcased in a sumptuous deco-inspired wooden box, Star Wars: Frames contains six books, each corresponding to one of the movies in the Star Wars saga: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

All six books reside in the beautiful wood-inlaid box, which is adorned with two exclusive high-relief sculptures of Darth Vader and Yoda. Each limited edition is numbered and contains a special portfolio with a bookplate signed by George Lucas. For collectors and Star Wars aficionados, this history-making extremely exclusive package will live on as a grand project devoted to the art and craftsmanship of a cinematic phenomenon.

Frames presents an essentially photographic, and yet filmic, look at the cinema of George Lucas - in glorious widescreen, presented as never before on large-format press, over 1,300 images printed with the highest production values available to bookmaking.

Lucas' selections provide a visual history of Star Wars: Frames. From the abstract qualities uniquely derived from the interactions of light and film, to the superlative digital imagery, each frame is a defining moment in the narrative of Star Wars as seen through the eyes of its creator. Representative of Lucas' personal reflection on each film, Frames is an inimitable memoir of his magnum opus.

The Star Wars: Frames Book features:
  • A numbered bookplate signed by writer-director George Lucas
  • A custom limited-edition arts & crafts maple-wood case, flanked by two uniquely sculpted high-reliefs of Yoda and Darth Vader.
  • Over 1,400 frames (more than 230 frames from each Star Wars film) in six leather-bound volumes (each 22" x 11"), hand-selected and reviewed by George Lucas
  • Exceptional large-format film frames magnificently reproduced in a breath-taking original widescreen aspect ratio, as never before in the history of Lucasfilm publishing. 

Even if you consider the case "free" the books still run $500.00 each. That's a lot for books, and I have purchased some pricey books in the past.

#3 - Sistros and Braata: Secret Origins of the Sith

Price - $3000.00 Limited to 25 pieces (sold out)

Housed within the Chancellor's Suite, Palpatine ruled the Senate with deeply rooted deception. His Executive Office was filled with ancient Sith artifacts that were unfamiliar to the Jedi, and thus his identity as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious was shrouded in lies.

Flanking the entrance to Palpatine's private chamber stand immense bronze statues of Sistros and Braata, two of the Four Sages of Dwartii. The sages' ideas were not supported by all citizens of the Republic, leading to controversy and discord in the galaxy. Within the statue of Sistros, a secret neuranium-lined hollow holds Palpatine's lightsaber, hidden beneath the bronzed finish.

Product Size: 17" H (431.8mm) x 5" W (127mm) x 5" D (127mm) I will let you decide if they are worth the price for the size, and the fact that almost no one will recognize where they are from. 
#2 - Life size C-3PO and R2-D2
Price C-3PO - $5950.00   R2-D2 - $5450.00

I want these, but there are three problems.
1. I really have no room for them
2. They are sold out
3. I don't have $11,400 to spend on light up statues.

Having said that, these are fantastic. I have watched the videos of how to unpack them and assemble the parts. The craftsmanship is top notch and I can totally understand why they are sold out. They have lights and sound and of course you can pose them, Threepio more than Artoo obviously.

#1 - Darth Vader Bronze Statue

Price - $18,000.00 limited run of 30 pieces.

From Sideshow Collectables:
Sideshow Collectibles and Noble Studios are extremely proud to present the 1:2 scale Darth Vader Bronze Statue. This outstanding representation is expertly sculpted by legendary artist Lawrence A. Noble and stands approximately 3 feet, 9 inches high, cast in 150 pounds of high quality bronze. This extremely limited edition statue is a truly impressive centerpiece to any collection.
So, for EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, you will be purchasing a half size Darth Vader statue. I would think that for EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, you could hire a member of the 501st to come over your house and stand there like a statue for a few hours a week, any time you want. Then you could buy plane tickets to California and England. While there, you could meet everyone that has portrayed Darth Vader on screen and then you could buy a screen accurate costume you could wear yourself. I mean, you would have EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to burn.

Still, as overpriced as some Star Wars collectables have become, they are pretty sweet.

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