Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boehner's Boner

So, John Boehner is the House Minority Leader in the 111th Congress. He has been serving as a U.S. Representative in Congress since his election in 1990. That is a respectable time to hold office and be re-elected.

However, last week, he made a mistake. Actually, a couple of mistakes.

The first mistake that he made was attending Michelle Bachmann's "Super-Bowl of Freedom" anti-health care reform rally. Why was this a mistake? Because Ms. Bachmann quite possibly violated House rules by organizing this rally in the wrong way. Also, since when do elected U.S. Representatives openly call for another revolution on the steps of the Capitol Building?

This leads me to Boehner's other mistake. He held up his "copy of the Constitution" to show the crowd. He then said he was going to read from it. Then he read the pre-amble to the Declaration of Independence.

Rookie mistake.

You don't get to be a party leader making those types of mistakes. Especially at a rally that Bachmann promoted through her government website. Boehner is loathe to allow anyone the freedom to choose their own health care (or anything else for that matter,), while attending a "Freedom" rally.

It saddens and disgusts me that elected representatives do not know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It also saddens me that instead of being available for house voting procedures, GOP members were on the steps of the building they work in decrying the very system that they work for.

The GOP needs to stop crying about what the Dems want to do and propose some ideas of their own. Ideas that would help, not hinder. Just saying "NO" is a horrible way to help the country. Saying "It's socialism!" with no clearly defined alternative plan is equivalent to crying wolf. The GOP right now is just sound and fury signifying nothing.