Monday, February 22, 2010

A few more pictures.

This frog let me get really close, which is cool since I almost ran him over with the lawnmower.

This is Hextall.

This is Boo, showing off one of her many talents. Sleeping.

A tulip from last spring. Almost perfectly symmetrical.

Winter pictures.

This is a series of winter pictures that I took. I really tried to evoke the bleak and cold that you endure during the long New England winter.

This was taken on a very overcast day at dusk.

This was actually a pretty sunny day. You would never really know it.

This is my favorite. The sun is desperately trying to break through the clouds just after a heavy snowstorm. You can feel the cold in this one.

Lit only by the street lights, there's a small amount of heat in the cold night.

It always seems colder to me when the snow sticks to everything. Last week that is exactly what happened.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some random pictures

Here are some pictures I took last spring.

I really like how this fills the frame.

This is a Devil's Walking Stick. I really like how twisted the branches are. Makes for an interesting shape when the leaves fall off.

Moss and rocks surrounding one of our small evergreen trees.

I just like this one.