Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Star Wars at the Museum of Science

I thought I would take some time and post some of the pictures I took during the Star Wars exhibit that the Museum of Science hosted a few years ago.

This is the training remote Obi-Wan and Luke used in A New Hope. In person, you can clearly see that the chrome beam emmiters are model truck rims.

This is a side shot of the bridge section of the Rebel Blockade Runner, a.k.a Corellian Corvette, a.k.a. the Tantive IV. This model was much larger than I expected it to be. it was roughly five to six feet long with amazing detail put into it.

This is a model of an AT-TE, or All Terrain Tactical Enforcer from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. I had no idea that physical models were made of this. I was very impressed with the weathering and detail level of the paint job. This model was roughly three feet long.

Here is another angle of the AT-TE to show the front end detail.

This is one of my favorites, the Arakyd Viper probe droid from The Empire Strikes Back. Only about three and a half feet tall, this was not the full sized model that was used in location shooting at Finse and the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in Norway.

This picture shows the detail that was put into the inside of Darth Vader's mask for the "creation" shots at the end of Revenge of the Sith. If I was Anakin Skywalker and I was forced to wear that monstrosity, I'd be pretty mad all the time too.

I'll be posting more pictures soon. I have a lot of the very large Millennium Falcon that show some beautiful detail work.

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